The workshops are a thriving hub of the community throughout the week. Our dynamic workshops support people with learning disabilities to take part in meaningful work, with realpride in everything we produce and achieve. We have four engaging workshops: Candles, Garden, Woodwork and Life skills. No two days in the workshops are the same, but people will be sure to find their fit - whether that’s a certain role or routine - that suits each individual.

The buzzy atmosphere in the workshops creates an ideal environment for people to learn new skills, develop confidence and create genuine relationships. Each person that attends sets their own individual outcomes which they are supported to achieve, maintain and celebrate in and out of the workshops setting. 

Coming to the workshops is a source of great pride and enjoyment for staff and service users alike. This shines through with the warm welcome everyone receives – as they are quickly whisked around the workshops to see the projects and activities that we are working on as part of a vibrant team. Our day service members are also very much part of the wider community, both attending gatherings with our core members and hosting get-togethers at the workshops.